Zoological Collection

It focuses on preservation of biological material previously of protected species of Slovak fauna in the form of dermo-plastic, fluid, skin, and osteological preparations completed with bird nests and acrylates. Its part includes the entomological collection with samples of dry preparations and materials from own acquisitions gained from known zoologists (O. Majzlan, J. Ošust, A, Reiprich), and by own science-research activities.   

Among older collection items there can be ranked the butterfly collection of S. Nemček from Likavka, 1952, and mollusc shells gained from our acquisition from the Slovak Karst, registered in 1970s. Dermo-plastic preparations of a chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica), a critically endangered golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), or older acquisitions of bats from the Okno Cave from 1954 belong to important ones. The mollusc collection of J. Grega, an important malacologist, is ranked here as well.         

Curators: Mgr. Alena Lenková, RNDr. Martin Vecko; Ing. Mgr. Eva Farkašovská, PhD., Ján Lakota